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Haiti's Children, Inc. is registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the United States. Published reports are filed with the IRS and available through the IRS website. The board of directors of Haiti's Children, Inc. meets twice annually. Members are: Gladys Mungo (director/president); Jon Peterson (vice president); Charlotte Schlopp (secretary); Gary Franzen; Dave Butler; Pastor Cheryl Coffman. 

Our mission is to develop, educate and feed the children, helping them grow in mind, body and spirit, in the remotest areas of Haiti; providing hope and a better life. Gladys Mungo, our founder, is dedicated to that mission by living in Les Cayes, Haiti, then traveling throughout the United States each summer to promote and build support for Haiti's Children. She is thankful for the thousands of dollars and hours of support received! 


Haiti's Children is dedicated to efficient stewardship of funds, which enables us to best meet the needs of those in Haiti's poorest regions. When appropriate, we partner in service with like-minded organizations in Haiti. 


To learn more about the work done by Gladys and the hard-working and caring mission teams that have come to Haiti, please visit our other pages, read our blog and newsletter, and subscribe to our annual newsletter. 

For questions about how to sponsor a child or send a team, please contact Gladys:  gladynhaiti[at]yahoo[dot]com. To learn more about our existing ministries and how you can help, please visit our home page

About Our Founder

Gladys Mungo is the founder of Haiti's Children, Inc. She is originally from Chicago and has lived in Haiti since 2008.

Haiti's Children, Inc is a 501(c)(3) recognized public charity and provides primary and secondary education, vocational training, and food programs to needy children in Haiti. This, along with medical clinics and agricultural and environmental education, is designed to move poverty-stricken Haitians towards self-sufficiency.

A key goal is to give children the chance to receive Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior to reassure the children of Haiti that God has not forgotten them. "God loves them, always has, always will."

In 2002, Gladys began working in Haiti organizing, raising funds and staffing ongoing mission teams. Food, medical treatment and education were provided for an impoverished and remote village, Basin Caiman, on Haitis southern coast.


Gladys still leads mission teams in Haiti who teach and work alongside our Haitian brothers and sisters.

If the Holy Spirit has touched your heart and you are thinking about organizing a mission team, please contact Gladys







Gladys Mungo

c/o Agape Flights #21655
100 Airport Avenue
Venice, FL 34285


Haiti’s Children, Inc.

PO Box 577
Pell Lake, WI 53157



Haiti's Children 

PO Box 577

Pell Lake, WI 53157


(see our Shipping page for additional instructions)

Gladys Mungo

c/o Agape Flights #21655
100 Airport Avenue
Venice, FL 34285


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