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Hygiene Kits for Haiti's Children

In developed countries, we take for granted the tools of simple hygiene: tooth and nail care, daily bathing, and for women, menstrual supplies. But for children and teens in the remote regions of Haiti, these small items can improve health, lifestyle and confidence. Young women, who miss school during their menses, are especially helped by your donations of time and talent.


You may purchase ready-made hygiene kits. You may also choose to put together your own as an individual, or make it a group project. Hosting a sewing party to make pads can be especially fun and gratifying!


Items to include: 

  • one metal nail clipper (no emery boards)

  • one comb

  • one wrapped bath-sized soap bar (no Ivory or Jergens)

  • one adult, packaged toothbrush

  • six 3/4 to 1-in. wide common household Band-aids (any brand)

  • one gallon-sized, zippered plastic bag

  • one washcloth (to make your own, see our Washcloth page)

  • one hand towel


For young women, add:​

  • seven fabric, washable menstrual pads (more info on our Pads and Panties page)

  • seven pairs of new underpants (for the pads)

Do NOT include religious items, tracks or personal notes. 

Roll items into the hand towel, tightly, then insert all into the plastic bag. Press out the air and seal the bag. Pack tight into boxes and mail according to the instructions on our shipping page

Your donations of hygiene kits will be distributed among the poorest Haitians, and received with gratitude as part of Haiti's Children's mission to bring God's love, and a knowledge of self-sufficiency to those in need. 

Thank you for caring for Haiti's Children! 

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No time for projects? Donate any amount now to feed and educate a child! 

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