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No time to shop or sew? Why not take one minute to donate to feed and educate a child in Haiti? 

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Young women in Haiti do not have affordable access to hygienic products to meet their menstrual needs. This is especially true of the girls and teens in the remote, mountainous regions where Haiti's Children serves. 

Your donation of menstrual pads and underwear (the ladies often do not have undergarments) helps these young women stay in school, and allows a cleaner, more mobile lifestyle. 

You may purchase pads and mail them to our Florida address (see our shipping page for important instructions). If you wish to buy on Amazon, please log in through AmazonSmile, and designate Haiti's Children, Inc. as your charity. You'll multiply your donation with every purchase!


Option 2: Sew Your Own

You may choose to sew inexpensive pads as an individual or as a group, using donated materials.  Some women's groups host "Pad Parties" for sewing, a fun and gratifying way to help Haiti's Children. You'll find many patterns and tutorials online. 

A few notes: based on reviews, we recommend inexpensive, lightweight PUL material (rather than vinyl or other waterproof material) as a moisture barrier. It is available at Amazon, Walmart and fabric retailers. We also recommend 100% cotton for other layers. Flannel is especially comfortable close to the skin. You may use donated fabric or old clothing, just be sure it is washed and has not been treated with any moisture-resistant coatings. 

Keep in mind, these are young women of various sizes, usually smaller than their American counterparts. 

Here is a link to a PDF pattern for menstrual pads (heavy):

Feel free to send you links and suggestions to us. 

Pads and Panties for Young Women

Option 1: Purchase

Add a Bag! 

The young women will find storing and carrying used pads much easier with a moisture-proof bag, so do consider sending your pads with one. You may donate a thoroughly-cleaned thrift store find, or make your own. 

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