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Children in the remote regions of Haiti are extremely poor, and often they have no clothing other than their school uniforms (like the boy in the photo, above). At Haiti's Children we appreciate your donation of short and t-shirts so we can distribute them to boys in the villages we serve. 

All teen and child sizes welcome. To help make the clothing last as long as possible, please follow these guidelines: 

  •  100% cotton only. 


  •  Shorts may have ties, but please avoid shorts with buttons or belts as the villagers have no way to mend lost buttons or fix belts. ​

When ready to ship, please use the instructions on our shipping page

Thank you for loving Haiti's Children! 

Not able to donate clothes but wish to support the mission financially? You may send a check to our Pell Lake, Wisconsin address (below) or donate through PayPal. 

Shorts and T-shirts for Boys

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