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Haiti's Children Inc. Feeds 200 in Simon

Food Distribution today in our community. We made up 200 bags, basically two meals for a family of five. There is no easy way to give out food. Pushing, shoving, lewd comments - it's never enough. We will never understand the desperation and the need.

But through the blessings of others we were able to provide food to 200 families in the community. Two hundred tickets were handed out to people in the community of Simon. At random we chose a few numbers in which that participant received an additional gift: One young lady in Secondary school received a bicycle for traveling to and from school. While two others received a care package with hygiene products, additional food, and gifts.

We are trying to make a difference, not just a band-aide. Our hope is to partner with World Harvest and build a nutrition center in this area in the mountains, where children are dying daily of malnutrition.

We thank God for the many blessings provided through others. God's blessings!

(originally posted February 4, 2011)

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