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Employees' Donations to Haiti's Children Bring Joy to Impoverished Families

I am so thrilled to promote the inspiring example of the employees at JRS_Distributors. Sue is a caring lady who knew of my early trips to Haiti and wanted to donate what she could. She started and others soon joined her in crocheting wash cloths (pattern posted). Now during breaks you see women crocheting. Barb started doing it at home too and has inspired her daughter to crochet as well.

Sue added some discontinued backpacks from the company, purchased some school supplies and added gently used clothing. She was thrilled to see her own enthusiasm mushroom into a company- wide drive.

I took photos of the students receiving these generous donations and sent back a DVD so the employees would see the Haitians appreciation. That moved them to link HCI with their annual staff wellness campaign, promoting healthy body and mind – each employee was asked to contribute 5 wash cloths or $5 in school supplies or cash. This global outreach is in addition to all the support given to their local community programs. At first, a small box at the front entrance was enough, then full bags were soon beside the bigger box, then Suppliers added their own contributions.

When their campaign drew to a close, they asked me to come explain about our ministry during a potluck lunch hour. I was honored to describe how they were making a difference. They signed up to sponsor some children, donated for the container’s shipping cost, and asked about forming a team to come for a week of action next winter, all because they caught the passion of their colleague, Sue.

To make a difference in the life of a child in Haiti, learn more here.

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