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Haiti's Children Partners with New Life 4 Kids to Feed Mountain Villagers

HCI and New Life children's Home is working together to help the children in the mountains: KWASHIORKOR is malnutrition caused by a lack of protein and much more.

We and doctors and hospitals here have seen and treated thousands of cases and seen many cases live while others arrive too late and die which is heartbreaking. The mountains are full of these cases as well as Marasmus malnutrition where they lose weight from no food. We have a group of people going to the mountains this week to seek out the children in need and bring food and med's to be distributed among several villages.

Please consider working with us in bringing nutrition and med's to these children. Please donate to HCI (earmark for the children) or go on New Life's website to see how to donate.

(originally published at an earlier date)

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