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Sponsoring a child with Haiti's Children is simple and easy. The cost is $35 per month. Children may be sponsored by individuals, families, or other groups, such as Bible studies or Sunday School classes. In Haiti, often school attendance is required to ensure even one meal a day -- your sponsorship provides both to each child shown here. You may also send Christmas and care packages to the child and his or her family, and even meet them when you come with a mission team! For more information, contact us


Aid to children in Haiti often stops in the cities, which is why your sponsorship of a child in this mountain community is so vital. Sign up today to pray for, and bring food and education to, a child everyday.  


Help a child in the remote village of Tozia, Haiti, learn of the love of God through your monthly sponsorship. You will provide regular hot meals, as well as an education and prayers, to a boy or girl who desperately needs them. 


Malnutrition and illiteracy are daily challenges for the children in Twamango. Confirm your sponsorship today, and give a child in this village assurance of daily food and schooling. 

Unable to sponsor a child right now? Haiti's Children appreciates even the smallest donation to help feed and educate God's most precious children! 

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The needs of children in the poorest areas of Haiti's cities are still great. Sponsor a child here and your monthly dollars will go far, feeding him or her each day, and helping pay for school. 

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