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Education and nutrition for children and teens in Haiti's most remote areas is vital, but inconsistent. Through your sponsorship with Haiti's Children, you show God's love to these precious souls, at only $35 per month. Simply choose the child you would like to sponsor from the photographs below, then contact Gladys at Haiti's Children for more information about that child, and how to proceed with your sponsorship. Please note, each child has been given a pseudonym to protect his or her privacy, so when contacting Gladys, be sure to include the NUMBER listed below the child.  Also, you may see young adults featured below -- they, too, need sponsorships in order to continue schooling, so important to Haiti's future. Your generous commitment of just over $1 per day goes a long way by providing for school, books and supplies, medical care and one meal daily for these children.  Thank you for caring!  Not able to sponsor right now? Donate any amount today! 

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Sponsor a Child in the Village of Tozia, Haiti

I'm E.L.

My number is TOZ011.

I'm J.C.

My number is TOZ022.

I'm P.C.

My number is TOZ025.

I'm S.B.

My number is TOZ033.

I'm D.D.

My number is TOZ043.

I'm G.M.C.

My number is TOZ056.

I'm G.L.

My number is TOZ056.

I'm R.L.

My number is TOZ063.

I'm R.N.

My number is TOZ071.

I'm R.C.

My number is TOZ073.

I'm B.R.P.

My number is TOZ074.

I'm D.S.

My number is TOZ072.

I'm L.P.

My number is TOZ075.

I'm R.A.

My number is TOZ076.

I'm R.P.

My number is TOZ077.

I'm W.A.

My number is TOZ078.

I'm V.C.

My number is TOZ079.

I'm R.M.

My number is TOZ080.

I'm E.P.

My number is TOZ081.

I'm T.L.

My number is TOZ083.

I'm V.P.

My number is TOZ082.

I'm L.J.B.

My number is TOZ084.

I'm D.S.C.

My number is TOZ086.

I'm D.C.

My number is TOZ085.

I'm L.J.B.

My number is TOZ087.

I'm L.J.B.

My number is TOZ088.

I'm R.J.B.

My number is TOZ089.

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